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Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a common harmless enlargement of the skin’s oil glands, called sebaceous glands. It occurs in about 1% of the US population and is usually seen in adults in their 40’s-60‘s. There are a few patients who may start developing sebaceous Hyperplasia during puberty.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia may present in a form of a single or multiple lesions. They usually appear on the face, chest, mucosal lining and around genitals or nipples. The lesions are small (2–9 mm), painless, whitish-yellow-to-pink or skin-colored bumps, often with a central depression or dimple.


Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a benign condition and does not have long term complications. Unfortunately, Sebaceous Hyperplasia will not go away on its own. You might want to consider removing these lesions for the following reasons:

  • If the lesions are irritated (by shaving, by wearing glasses, or clothing).
  • If they are cosmetically bothersome.
  • If you have many lesions (over 10).
  • If they are growing or bleeding.

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