Laser hair removal is a very popular and safe treatment for unwanted hair. You can expect a 60-90% permanent reduction in hair after a series of treatments. We have lasers for all skin types.

How it works:
In order to understand how it works you must understand that hair is in three growth cycles:

  • A growing phase (anagen)
  • A transition phase (catagen)
  • A resting phase (telogen)

When the laser targets your hair, it is actually targeting melanin in the hair bulb and bulge, which is only there in the growing (anagen) phase. We therefore do not want you plucking or waxing your hair prior to a treatment as this will remove the bulb temporarily. You will also need to have at least three treatments in order to get the hair as it cycles back into the growing phase. Additionally, you may need some maintenance treatments as the hair grows.

What should you expect?

  • You will need 3-7 treatments spaced between 1-3 months apart to achieve 60-90% permanent hair reduction
  • Patient expectations
    • Thinner and less coarse hair
    • Fewer hairs
    • Lighter hairs
    • Slower re-growing hairs

Guidelines for use:

  • Best candidate: Light skin, dark coarse hair
  • Does not treat blond or white hair
  • Patients should not pluck, or wax hair prior to treatments.
  • Patients should not be tan
  • No signs of active infection
  • No Isotretinoin use or photosensitizing medications within past 6-12 months

Things to know:

  • Discontinue Waxing and tweezing for the LHR to be effective
  • Shaving, snipping and depilatories are fine, as the laser must ‘see’ a hair to treat it
  • Visits are every 4-6 weeks, allowing for newly growing hairs to be effectively destroyed
  • Arrive for your appointment 30 minutes early for complimentary numbing cream — this makes the treatment more tolerable
  • Cool air is blown onto the skin during the treatment — this cools the surface of the skin while penetrating and destroying follicle
  • Sun avoidance should be observed 30 days post treatment to prevent hyper and hypepigmentation (white or brown spots)

Click here to download the Hair Removal Patient Consent Form